How Dilettantes reduced its calls to the store by 30% and increased its sales

Answering visitors' questions removes the barriers that prevent the purchase. Dilettantes delegated this task to a chatbot to meet the needs of future customers while reducing phone calls to the store. Discover how.

5 MIN READ | February 23, 2022
Dilettantes reduces store calls with a FAQ chatbot

In a nutshell

Challenge: Provide a frictionless user journey to better convert Dilettantes website visitors.

Solution: Create user interfaces that facilitate the purchase process, including the implementation of a chatbot that answers frequent questions from potential buyers.

Result: More sales and a 30% decrease in in-store phone calls.


Dilettantes is a new type of cellar, in the heart of Paris, which has the particularity of being dedicated to Champagne!

Fanny created Dilettantes to answer a need: to be able to buy in Paris high-quality champagnes from small estates that do not have access to large scale distribution.

The ambition of Dilettantes, as a champagne cellar in Paris, is to make discover and appreciate rare, authentic, high-quality champagnes in very reasonable price ranges.

This modern champagne cellar offers bottles of champagne, champagne vineyards and experiences around champagne (e.g. tasting workshop).

Dilettantes has a physical store and also manages an online store.

Dilettantes physical store


Dilettantes had set up the first version of its online store on Magento. It was impossible for the founder to have the hand on the site and thus to manage her products online. The cost associated with a modification was very expensive and time-consuming.

In addition to redesigning the site for technical reasons, the Dilettantes team wanted to completely revamp the user experience to maximize conversions on their website.

Fanny, the founder of Dilettantes, therefore called upon the French Nocode digital agency to address these issues.


To answer Dilettantes’ problems, suggested improving the customer experience by working on the following points

– Simplify the gift voucher process
– Rework the design of the site
– Implementing dashboards
– Add a chatbot to answer frequent questions from potential buyers

All the products suggested by are created in Nocode which guarantees Fanny a complete autonomy on her site for its management and its evolution.

« Thanks to my showcase and eCommerce site in Nocode, I am totally autonomous and can make all the updates myself, even without any technical background! »

Fanny Heucq Dilettantes

This also applies to the chatbot set up because Joonbot is a Nocode chatbot creation platform.

The chatbot of Dilettantes allows to answer instantly to the questions of the users and thus to raise the barriers which prevent the act of purchase.

E-tailers often face the same types of questions, especially on topics around delivery (time, price, location), locations and opening hours of possible stores and, for the fashion sector, the size guide, return conditions and more.

The chatbot of Dilettantes answers questions about :

– the offer: box champagne, organic champagnes, zero dosage or natural champagnes
– the boutique: opening hours, information on tastings and privatizations
– the online store: click & collect, tasting reservation, delivery in the store
– delivery: countries delivered, price, delay, type of shipping

You can test here the chatbot of Dilettantes:

The advantage of the chatbot compared to a human is that it can answer the questions of future customers instantly and at any time of day. This is a real advantage compared to the limited hours of the stores.

Another advantage on the business side is the number of store calls on these subjects decreases drastically. In this case by 30% for the Dilettantes team, which can thus better devote itself to its customers in store.

« The very fluid UX of our site has saved us 30% of calls in one month, especially thanks to the chatbot solution. »

Fanny Heucq Dilettantes

If you are looking to create this type of chatbot, you can test and download our FAQ chatbot template on your account.

Next steps

The Dilettantes team wants to go further in the personalization of the customer offer.

To offer a personalized path to its audience, different options are possible: more precise identification of the need and recommendation of products via the chatbot and a loyalty system always in Nocode designed by

 Camille Franceschi
 CEO, Joonbot

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