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What is the Saas Joonbot

Joonbot is a software to create chatbots for websites easily in minutes.

Over 10,000 website owners use our saas to automate their process, learn more about their visitors, answer their questions or make more sales.

Our chatbot builder is visual, it’s like a flow chart and easy to use with its drag and drop system.

Also, no coding is required! ⭐

Joonbot chatbot builder
recruitment chatbot that screens candidates and book meetings at scale

How does our affiliate program work?

1. You join our chatbot affiliate program and get a unique link that can be shared.

2. You promote Joonbot via your blog, social media, webinars, tutorials.

3. We pay you a 30% recurring commission every time a referred customer pays us.

Who can benefit from our affiliate program

You are a great fit if you are a…


Recommend Joonbot to your clients and earn recurring commissions from every sale.

Blogger & YouTuber

Use your affiliate link in your posts and publish a video review on YouTube.

Social media pro

Get Joonbot’s name out there using Facebook, Slack, Discord groups, Twitter followers, Instagram, Reddit…


Are you teaching a course or recommending tools and platforms? Promote Joonbot as a solution.

Digital marketer

Are you a digital marketer? Refer Joonbot and help your clients collect more leads.


Promote Joonbot’s chatbot to your clients as an alternative to live chat and popups and spread the word.


Look at how much you can earn with just a few referrals

Annual Plus10$3,570/year
Annual Starter10$1,020/year
Monthly Plus5$179/month
Monthly Starter5$51/month
Total earnings per year$7,344/year

“Amazing product! I love the interface for building chatbots, easiest I have seen by far! Planning to create many more, very much looking forward to what Joonbot adds in the future!”

Projek ai testimonial about how easy it is to build chatbots with Joonbot chatbot builder


Joonbot enthusiasts, consultants, marketing agencies, educators, influencers, no-code marketers and pretty much any individuals, who love Joonbot and want to add an additional income stream promoting the tools that help them succeed.

You will earn 30% recurring commission for every referral. Forever.

Also, there is no limit on your referrals. 🔥

We use a platform called FirstPromoter to manage payouts.

We will send you payouts monthly on your Paypal account.

Each partner has a unique referral link. When people click on your link, we will use cookies to identify them for 90 days.

When they sign up and pay, they’ll count as your referrals.

The most successful partners introduce Joonbot by creating original content, such as blog posts, videos and tutorials.

You can also share Joonbot in relevant online communities.

Join our chatbot affiliate program