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recruitment chatbot that screens candidates and book meetings at scale


1. Unlimited chatbots, unlimited interactions.

2. Smart features to personalize your conversations.

3. Integrations to automate your business process.

4. Performance tracking where you need.

Unlimited on everything

We offer you unlimited chatbots, blocks and interactions whatever paid plan you pick.
Your pricing is fixed whatever the size of your audience.

Unlimited chatbots, conversations and blocks

Make your chatbot smart

Your chatbot can remember who is talking so you don't ask to your audience the same questions again.
Personalize the conversation depending on your audience with hidden fields, logics and calculations.

Automate your business process

If you need to book meetings, we have a Calendly integration.
To inform your sales you have a new lead, you can use Slack integration.
Or, if you need to process leads or candidates easily and quickly, you can send automatically the details to Google Sheets with our native integration.

chatbot integrations with Calendly, Zapier, inetgromat, Google Sheets, Airtable, our Webhook, Slack and our native email integrations.
Track performance with Google Tag Manager, Segment, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Google Analytics, our native conversion tracker, by importing your data CSV into Google Sheets an get your leads into Unbounce

Track performance where you want

Send your conversions on your Google Analytics, Ads or Facebook Ads.
Track user behaviours on Google Analytics, Segment or on your sheets with our CSV export.
If you just need to track a few things, add and follow conversions in your Joonbot Analytics tab.


With our no-code chatbot builder, it's like building a flow chart. It takes minutes and no coding is required.

joonbot is a no code chatbot builder for websites


Download one of our pre-built templates within your chatbot builder.


You only need to master the art of copying and pasting.

With Joonbot, it's easy to install a chatbot on any kind of CMS
Joonbot gives us the opportunity to digitise the first step of the recruitment process and be faster!
The tool is user friendly and customisable according to your brand, the team is extremely supportive.
The implementation in the UK has been a success and we decided to adopt Joonbot internationally to help us build our superstar team!
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Rebecca Gibin, Talent acquisition manager UK

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