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Building a test with our online chatbot test maker is super easy. You’ll be able to share your test online in minutes!

What is a test maker

A test maker is our online service that makes it easy for marketers or teachers to create a high-quality, customised online test or exam.

With Joonbot, you can create conversational online tests.

How can I make my own test

How to create your first online test

  1. Create an account on Joonbot
  2. Click on create a new chatbot—start from scratch or use one of our templates
  3. Start adding question type blocks—use our buttons and picture choice blocks for multiple-choice tests like quizzes and fill-in-the-blank tests
  4. Design your bot—choose your format, colours, etc.
  5. Publish it by adding a script or sharing the URL
  6. Analyze results on results tab

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Why create a test with Joonbot test maker

build a test like a trivia game in minutes with our test maker

Build it in minutes

Creating your test is super easy. Just copy and paste your questions in blocks, link them and share your bot.

Create interactive and fund test with our test maker

Make learning fun

Keep your students or your targeting audience hooked from start to finish with a test that’s fun and engaging in any format and any device.

Give a test score by adding scoring with calculation block within our test maker

Automatically calculate scoring

Create different conversation scenarios depending on your students’ scores and easily keep track of their progress.

Add custom goals within your test maker and conduct data analysis on your test results

Conduct responses analysis

Set up self-notifications, so you know when people are done—then export data and conduct a custom responses analysis.

How can I get answers for my online test?

You have the detail of every conversation available on the results tab.

You also have some engagement stats: number of views, conversations and engagement rate.

As you can export your data as CSV, you can conduct in-depth analysis: repartition of answers with buttons type questions, drop-off analysis, etc.

How can I create a test for free?

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