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Why should I use Joonbot as trivia maker

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to make your own trivia game, Joonbot is for you. It’s a DIY trivia game platform.

Joonbot has the following advantages:

build a test like a trivia game in minutes with our test maker

Easy to build

Our builder is intuitive thanks to our drag and drop system. Also, no coding is required!

Our Trivia game maker is intuitive

Build it in minutes

As our builder is simple by design, it takes minutes to build a trivia game with it.

Quiz template design to see how scoring works


You can customize your bot by choosing your colour, avatar or logo. You can also add videos, images, GIFs and emojis. More to come!

DIY trivia game maker

Automated scoring

Create a scoring that will calculate automatically player’s scoring with our calculation feature.

How to make a trivia game template

Here are the steps to follow to make your own trivia game:

  1. Create an account on Joonbot
  2. Start a bot from scratch or using this trivia template
  3. Set up a scoring variable with our calculation block
  4. Start adding question blocks and update the scoring every time the answer given by the user is correct with calculation blocks
  5. Give the final score to your user using your variable name between double curly brackets in the text
  6. Share your bot everywhere by using our full-page format

What type of trivia questions can I use

You have a lot of choices.

You can make your players guess the answer among pre-defined answers or even pictures with our button and picture choice blocks.

Also, you can make them answer by giving a number or a date. And, of course, you can ask a question and wait for a definitive open answer.

For every type of text questions, you can check if the answer equals or contains the right sentence or keyword and then trigger a specific conversation depending on the result. Everything is possible with our logic jump block. 😉

Can I give a scoring to players of my trivia game

Of course!

You can set a variable you can call scoring, by using our calculation block.
Then, on every excellent answer, you can add 1 to this scoring variable by adding another calculation block that updates the scoring variable value.

This trivia template design is a perfect example of a scoring set up.

Is my trivia game customizable

Yes, it is! You can customize your trivia game the way you want.

First, you can choose between 3 formats: embed, full-page, widget.

Then, you can customize your bot by choosing your colour, avatar (for widget format) or logo (for full-page format).

Within the conversation, you can add videos, images, GIFs and emojis.

Soon, you’ll be able to choose your font, add an image in your full-page format and more!

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