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Joonbot is the best Typeform alternative to choose. If you choose Joonbot, you get a lower pricing and must-have integrations.

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Joonbot is the Typeform alternative to choose for its lower pricing and its must-have integrations.

There are many reasons to choose Joonbot over Typeform. You'll find here the main reasons why Joonbot is an excellent Typeform alternative.

TLDR: Why go for Joonbot as a Typeform alternative?

Joonbot 14-day free trial is a big advantage to Hubspot chatbot alternative

1. 14-day free trial

With Joonbot, you can try all premium features for free for 14 days. Moreover, you can publish your chatbot with the premium features during these 14 days.

Joonbot has all must have features compared to collect chat alternative

2. Interactions at a lower price

With Joonbot, you can have access to 5,000 interactions available at $34/month. With Typeform, you get 2 times fewer interactions for more than 2 times the Joonbot’s price.

Joonbot is a good Typeform alternative to book meetings

3. Book meetings

With Joonbot, you can book meetings via our Calendly integration. It is easier to book meetings with Joonbot than with Typeform.

Joonbot is a good Typeform alternative thanks to its many advanced integrations

4. Must-have integrations

Typeform has essential integrations, but they are not as advanced as with Joonbot. For example, Joonbot has a native email integration that allows you to send different emails at any time during the conversation.

Joonbot is a good Typeform alternative, because with Joonbot you can make advanced custom analytics.

5. Advanced custom analytics

With Joonbot, you can add custom goals to analyze your conversion rates. You have a metric page where you can follow your own goals. It enables you to collect specific data regarding your use cases.

Reason 1 - A Typeform alternative with a 14-day free trial

With Joonbot, you have all the time you need to try premium features for free for 14 days. You don’t need to add a credit card to start your free trial. Moreover, you can publish your chatbot with the premium features during these 14 days.

Typeform doesn’t offer a free trial because you can try their premium features in the Free plan. However, you have to upgrade if you want to publish a form with premium features.

Reason 2 - A Typeform alternative at a lower pricing

With Joonbot, you can have access to 5,000 interactions available at $34/month.

With Typeform, you can have up to 2,500 interactions, but you need to pay $83,9/month. This is more than 2 times more expensive than with Joonbot. And if you want more than 2,500 interactions, you need to upgrade for 10,000 interactions, but there is no in-between.

So, with 5,000 interactions per month, Joonbot is more than two times cheaper than Typeform.

Reason 3 - A Typeform alternative that books a meeting easier

Joonbot has a Calendly integration with which you can book meetings with your leads. The advantage of having a Calendly integration is that you can book meetings directly within the Joonbot interface.

With Typeform, you can book meetings via Calendly through a link, not within your Typeform. Typeform will redirect your leads to the Calendly page, which can decrease your conversion rate. Moreover, the possibility of booking meetings with Typeform is not as clear as with Joonbot.

With Joonbot:

Joonbot is a good Typeform alternative because you see clearer where to book meetings with Joonbot.

With Typeform:

It is more complicated to book meetings with Typeform alternative.

Reason 4 - A Typeform alternative with must-have integrations

Joonbot has many integrations that are essential to help you be organized:

  • Calendly integration: your leads can book a meeting during their conversation with your chatbot without being redirected to another page
  • Native email integration: you can send different emails to your leads at any time of the conversation, and you can send personalized emails according to the answers
  • Webhooks in and out: whether you can send data from Joonbot to use them in external applications (we called it ‘webhook out’), whether you can use data from external applications in your Joonbot chatbot (we called it ‘webhook in’). Typeform has the latter.


If you are looking for an example of Joonbot ‘webhook in’, check out our Covid 19 chatbot. He can give you daily covid numbers.


Native email integrationAdvancedLimited
Webhook in
Webhook out

Reason 5 - A Typeform alternative with advanced custom analytics

With Joonbot, you can use our ‘goal’ blocks to track every step you feel useful. You can add goals wherever you want in the conversation flow. When the goal block is reached, you have a new conversion.

You’ll be able then to see your statistics and track your conversion rates in the Analytics tab.

To go further in your analysis, you can use our A/B test features in Joonbot. It will compare two path’s performance, and help you to choose which one is better.

On the Typeform side, you can send a Google Analytics event to analyze every time a Typeform is submitted. But you can also do that with Joonbot: you can send events on Google Analytics via our ‘JavaScript’ block for our widget and embed formats.

Custom analytics

Goal blocks
A/B test
Google AnalyticsVia JavaScript block

Switching from Typeform to Joonbot is easy!

If you choose Joonbot as a Typeform alternative, you'll get more advanced features and advanced custom analytics.

They love our intuitive chatbot builder

“Joonbot chatbot builder is so intuitive! I have been building all weekend. 😀 I really love it! I chose it because of the intuitive design / builder UI and the option to include images and gifs and logic :)”


E-commerce Joonbot testimonial

“Joonbot is quite unique in its category and the UX/UI of its workflow builder is so intuitive. Anyone should at least try it out to understand how powerful it is.”


No-code digital agency Joonbot testimonial

“The best app is the one you’ll actually be able to use. Relative ease of use for a complex task. There is no comparison between Joonbot and ManyChat. ManyChat has HOURS of tutorials.”


recruitment firm Joonbot testimonial

“Amazing product! I love the interface for building chatbots, easiest I have seen by far! Planning to create many more, very much looking forward to what Joonbot adds in the future!”


Digital chatbot agency Joonbot testimonial

See how Joonbot compares to other chatbot solutions

Joonbot vs BotStar

Botstar does messenger chatbots. However, Joonbot’s builder feels immediately familiar compared to Botstar.

Joonbot vs Drift

Drift is good at marketing but Joonbot builder is more intuitive and pricing is way more affordable.

Joonbot vs HubSpot

With Hubspot, your possibilities are limited. Whereas, with Joonbot, you can create a smarter chatbot at a lower price.

Joonbot vs

Collect chat is our senior. However, Joonbot visual builder makes your life simpler while allowing you to create smarter chatbots.

Joonbot is the best alternative to Typeform

Enjoy our 14-day free trial and see by yourself why Joonbot is one of the best alternatives to Typeform.