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How do you use Chatbots for customer service?

Solve issues in secs

A chatbot can provide a great customer experience as he answers to customer questions instantaneously.

Build your customer resolution flow in minutes so that customer can resolve their issues by themselves

Improve your ticket deflection ratio

When you build your chatbot, you can create efficient customer resolution flows to provide the right solutions to customer issues.

Unlock Sales

Your customer service chatbot will answer proactively to all questions that retain potential customers from buying.

E-commerce FAQ chatbot that answers usual questions
Handle data automatically using our integrations. Zapier, Email, Webhook, Google sheets and more.

Send unsolved issues to your ticketing system

Let your customer chatbot take the questions when they are not in the FAQ. Using Zendesk or other ticketing system? Connect Joonbot to them in secs. You prefer receiving email? Use our native email integration.


With our no-code chatbot builder, it's like building a flow chart. No coding is required.

Intuitive and no code chatbot builder without coding required


Start with one of our customer service chatbot templates


Build a chatbot that contains a FAQ, ask for feedback after discussion, analyze answers, conduct AB tests, and improve your chatbot according to the results.

Set up you own conversions and follow your custom metrics

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