FAQ chatbot template

Give immediate answers to usual questions users have with our FAQ chatbot template.

Why using a FAQ chatbot template?

A chatbot FAQ will help you to respond more quickly to the users’ requests.

You can download our chatbot FAQ template within your Joonvbot account. It can inspire you to create your own chatbot FAQ.

With a chatbot FAQ, users will no longer have to search for what they need. They only need to talk to the chatbot, and they will get their answers immediately.

Get your answer at any moment. Unlike your customer support team, the chatbot FAQ will always be available 24/7. It will be able to provide the users with answers at any moment.

Don’t forget the human side. You can create open questions in your chatbot FAQ template. The user will then be able to ask a more specific question so that your customer support team can answer in person later on through email.

Save time. Your customer support team will no longer need to answer repetitive questions.

So, using a chatbot FAQ will enable you to improve your ticket deflection ratio. Answer immediately to user’s questions will also increase your user satisfaction.

How to make a FAQ chatbot more engaging?

With chatbot conversational design, you get better interactions with the users. Chatbots engage them way more than a static FAQ.

Design your chatbot FAQ. With our templates, you can design your chatbots to make them more engaging. You can choose which format you want for your chatbot:

  • the widget format
  • the full-page format
  • the embed format

In each format, you then have different options to design your chatbot FAQ.

Personalize your chatbot.  You can choose how the chatbot will suggest questions to the users. For example, you can choose to be formal, or on the contrary, you can choose to be friendly.

By creating an engaging chatbot FAQ, you’ll have a chance to improve your ticket deflection ratio.

What to put on a FAQ chatbot?

The goal of your chatbot FAQ is to provide users with answers. For that, be sure users can find their questions with answers so that users don’t need to search further.

Choose quality over quantity. If you already have a FAQ page, don’t hesitate to redirect the user to another page by adding a link in the chatbot’s answer. A lengthy explanation doesn’t always mean a precise answer.

Help users find their answers. Don’t hesitate to suggest a wide choice of topics so that users can find what they need. Then, think about many precise questions about each case. Not only do the answers have to be precise, but also the questions. The more precise the questions, the more precise the answers can be!

Once the answer is given, you can also ask users if they have another question on the same topic or if they want to learn more about something else.

Users’ satisfaction is everything. Finally, it’s important not to let users being unsatisfied! Let users have the possibility to write their own questions if they can’t find them on your chatbot FAQ.

What can I do with the questions I collect?

Analyze your data. With our ‘Google Sheets’ native integration, you can send the questions you received to your dedicated Google Sheets. Then you’ll be able to see which questions are mostly asked (FAQ and open questions) and modify your chatbot FAQ based on those results.

Notify yourself. You can get automatic notifications with our native email integration, Zapier or Webhook integrations. For example, you can get Slack notifications every time a user asks questions through your chatbot.

Download our FAQ chatbot template available within your Joonbot account and start improving your Ticket deflection ratio!

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