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Replace your lead generation form with a chatbot.

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Add a Joonbot to your Unbounce landing page and enable your leads to contact you using a chatbot.

Unbounce is a landing page builder that provides everything you need to create a website and capture potential customers.

The tool comes with over 125 templates. All of these are mobile-friendly and conversion optimized. You can choose one or start building your landing page from scratch. Unbounce provides the drag-and-drop editor to make customization process as smooth as possible – no coding required. To be sure that your pages look great on any device, you can toggle between mobile and desktop views.

What’s more, you can A/B test your pages and check which variant has the best conversion rate. If you want to achieve more from your paid campaigns, you are able to use Dynamic Text Replacement feature. It swaps out selected keywords to match what your potential customers are searching. Thanks to this tool, your copy will be consistently relevant – it means better AdWords Quality Score and potential more deals.


Quick and easy integration

Add an Unbounce block, copy and paste the Joonbot script into Unbounce Javascript field and you are done!

Engaging features

Joonbot is equipped with eye-catchers. You can set up a proactive welcome message with an image/GIF or a video to attract visitors like a magnet.

Convert more leads

Convert more leads by offering a seamless experience thanks to automated personalized conversations.

See your leads in Unbounce

With our Unbounce integration, you can trigger conversions and leads data back to your Unbounce dashboard.

Trigger conversions and leads data back to the Unbounce dashboard



If you have any issues, you can always contact our customer support.

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