Feedback form template

Provide your marketing team with useful information using our feedback form template.

Why using a feedback form template?

Feedback is everything. Feedbacks can provide your marketing team with useful information. That will help you know if you are succeeding or failing.

With feedback collected, you can decide what changes to make to improve your product.

If customers see changes based on their feedback, they will enjoy more using your product.

Taking customer’s feedback into account will increase customer’s loyalty.

Our marketing feedback form template makes your life easier. Within your Joonbot account, you can download our pre-built feedback form template and many others. Our templates will inspire you and help you to collect data more efficiently.

The conversational design makes people talk. People are lazy. When they see they have to fill out an endless form to give feedback, they will give up. This feedback form template is the best alternative to ask for feedback. With a chatbot, the customer will feel like talking to a friend about a product, as during a conversation. Then, the customer will be more likely to provide information with a chatbot.

What are the best tips to know when creating a feedback form template?

Don’t ask too many questions, only ask relevant ones. People are lazy, they will not want to answer too many questions.

Personalize your feedback form. You have information about your customers to personalize the feedback form template. For example, if your customers didn’t use some features of your product, don’t ask for feedback on them.

Ask simple questions. You have one chance to keep your customer’s attention. Ask questions that help your customers specify their thoughts about your product.

It will help if you create questions with buttons as already-made answers.

For example, you can suggest buttons to know how much customers liked some part of your product. Then, you can ask why they liked it or not and let them answer with their own words.

Give the customer the freedom to respond. That way, they will talk more about their pain and use cases using their own words. They can even give suggestions on how you could improve your product.

How can a feedback form help to improve a product?

Understand your customers better. A feedback form will help you to understand who your customers are. It will also help you to know what their needs and expectations are.

Once you understand your customers’ needs, you’ll be able to improve your product the right way.

Follow up with your customers. It is not enough to ask for feedback once. For instance, when a customer buys you a product, you usually send the customer a feedback form right after the sale. You also send another feedback form after he tried the product. By asking for feedback at different steps, you’ll get complete feedback. Customer feedback can evolve between the time they buy the product and the time they use it for a period.

Feedback is crucial to reach your product-market fit. It helps you know if what you propose is adequate or lacks something to serve your market.

What can I do with the feedbacks I collect?

First, you can see the exchanges between the chatbot you created and the users. To see the details, go to the Analytics tab and click on Conversations.

Then, with the feedbacks collected, you can make statistics. You can export your data as CSV and import them on Google Sheets or Airtable, for example, and do your statistics.

We made an example for you:

There are the analytics you can get from your feedback form template.

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