Purchase order form template

Automate your order process with our purchase order form.

Why using a purchase order form?

A purchase order is a timer saver. It facilitates the customer journey.

Let’s take the example of ordering food. With our purchase order form, customers can order their food in advance and pick the order later. Payment is already made, and the food is prepared before the customers arrive. No time wasted!

Order from anywhere. If customers cannot come to the store to pick up their purchases, offer to deliver them to their homes.

Use your purchase order form to ask them for delivery information.

Order at any time. An online purchase order form is available 24/7. Customers don’t need to wait for an opening schedule.

Pay easily. Once customers have chosen what they want, they can pay directly through the order form. The whole process of ordering is handled by the order form.

They only have to wait for their orders.

How to do a purchase order form?

Add pictures to sell. When you suggest products to buy, don’t hesitate to put some pictures. People like to see what they can buy.

But a picture isn’t enough. You also have to write a short description of the product. Don’t forget to write the price so that customers know how much it will cost them.

Create a complex order form easily. With Joonbot, you can design a chatbot that allows your customers to order several products in one order. You don’t need to create a new step every time customers want to order again; all you have to do is to create one step and loop on it. It will automatically calculate and update the final amount to pay.

Tell your customers how much they have to pay. You can ask if the customer has any applicable code for a discount. It is also better to precise if there are any shipping costs. Finally, you show your customer their final amount to pay, and you add a link so they can pay.

Getting the customers’ contact details is crucial. You have to ask specific questions like their names and addresses to know where to send the products. Also, you need to ask for an email address or a phone number to contact them.

How a purchase order form can get you more customers?

A more straightforward process. By using this purchase order form, you’ll get more customers. Conversational design in a chatbot makes the experience interactive and so more engaging than a static form.

If it is smooth and engaging, the customer will be more likely to buy your products.

Customers from everywhere. Moreover, being online will allow you to have customers that live far away from your site. You’ll get more customers than if you had only sold on-site.

What can I do with every purchase order form completed?

The purchase order form helps you in the inventory and customer management process. It allows you to keep a record of your purchases.

You can update your inventory and customer database automatically by using our integrations. You won’t have to do it by hand anymore.

Connect your form to the apps you want. With our Zapier integration, you can connect your purchase order form to more than 500 web app of your choice. For example, you can store your customers’ information and update your inventory in your Google Sheets.

If you want to ask for feedback, you can also add customers’ email addresses in a specific email segment. To do that, you can connect your purchase order form to MailChimp.

Send notifications in real-time. You can use our Webhooks integration for that. For example, you can notify yourself on Slack every time you get a new payment.

To collect the payments you receive, you will soon use our Stripe integration. In the meantime, you can share a payment link.

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