Three covid 19 bot examples built with Joonbot during the Covid-19 crisis

Cancelled events, sensibilization campaigns, self-assessment online tests... Discover Covid 19 bot examples made by Joonbot's clients during the crisis.

1 MIN READ | April 30, 2020

This article shows you some Covid 19 bot examples made by Joonbot’s clients during the Covid-19 crisis. This crisis turns everything upside down so businesses must react accordingly:

  • cancelled events,
  • sensibilization campaigns,
  • self-assessment online tests, etc.

The information has to be given and collected quickly. 

1. The 'cancelled event' Covid 19 bot

RunEvent is a Saas solution that removes the time-consuming administration of organising a race event.
With Covid-19 crisis, some of races have been cancelled.

So RunEvent built chatbots to inform that those races have been cancelled. These chatbots can also explain refund modalities for each race.

This Covid 19 bot:

  • explains the different refund possibilities
  • gives the form link to get the refund
  • takes questions

It took 10 minutes to make those chatbots, and the problem was solved!

RunEvent covid 19 bot was answering to runner's questions instantaneously

2. The information centre Covid-19 bot

Mauritius has entered into lockdown, but people were not taking the situation seriously. Yet, various sensitisation campaigns have been made.

The University of Mauritius built a chatbot to provide a platform for centralised information.

With this Covid 19 bot you have:

  • general information about Covid-19 (includes precautions, symptoms, etc.)
  • latest updates and statistics
  • doctors to be contacted (hotline,, Wellkin)
  • info about services (banks, pharmacies)
  • online sales (Dreamprice, theshop, season market, Kury pets, LOVELIFE pharmarcies, etc.)
  • advice from different doctors
  • Covid-19 virus scan from Apollo India

The team did a fantastic job in a short period of time. This Covid 19 bot is full of information on any topic related to the crisis.

Aida Labs covid 19 chatbot was answering to user's questions regarding covid

3. The 'self-assessment test' Covid-19 bot

Ozo Life Group is a worldwide distributor of in vitro diagnostic equipment and reagents.
They have established a consortium of IVD speciality companies. It allows to bring innovative products and solutions in the healthcare technology industry.

To fight Covid-19, they created, among other things, three kinds of Covid-19 test kits.
They put a Covid 19 bot on their website so you make an online self-assessment test to know if you are infected.

This bot:

  • asks a series of questions about your health and symptoms you could get in the last days/weeks;
  • suggests the best kit regarding your symptoms
  • asks for your email address if you want to buy the kit.

If you don’t have symptoms, the bot gives you precautionary steps to stay safe.

It’s a simple and effective bot, way better than reading 3 long notices and still have doubts!

Ozo covid 19 chatbot is evaluating if the user should order a covid 19 test or not

Build your own bot today

There you have it: Three examples of Joonbot use during the Covid-19 crisis.

What do they have in common?
Those are conversational interfaces that help you guide, collect and push information to your audience in no time.

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Camille Franceschi
CEO, Joonbot

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