How Yun Partners makes the recruitment process more simple, effective and fun

Applying for a job is boring. With Joonbot, Yun Partners goes further into qualifying candidates always personalising it.

2 MIN READ | October 30, 2019

In a nutshell

  • Challenge: How to reinvent the application process making the candidate experience simple and nice while saving everybody’s time?
  • Solution: Use conversational power with a chatbot, which will take applications and also pre-qualify candidates in a personalised way.
  • Result: With pre-qualification delegated to the chatbot, the application process is now quick and simple. Recruiters can now use the time saved to get to know better their candidates.


Eugénie works at Yun Partners, a sales recruitment firm.
Yun Partners helps sales executives looking for a new adventure to meet with IT / Telecom, B to B Services, Digital and Retail companies.

At Yun Partners, Eugénie is handling everything related to digital.
Her mission is to bring further digital into Yun Partners’ operations and marketing strategy.

Eugénie has worked a lot on optimising operational processes.
She worked on a series of automatic email sequences for applicants (follow-up emails, push offers, etc.).
Eugénie created Yuna, the HR robot assistant which sends all those emails.


The recruitment process has been the same for a long time, and experience could be far better.

After all the work Eugénie did to automate the post-application process with email sequences, she wanted to work at the application process level.
The first steps of the application process seemed possible to automate.

« At this step of the application process, the candidate is not engaged as he can be during the last round. If I decided to add pre-qualification questions during the application process, I would need to change the way candidates apply to improve their experience. »

Eugénie Birolleau Yun Partners

But how to reinvent the application process to make it enjoyable and effective?
How to save everybody’s time and improve their experience?

A chatbot seemed to her the perfect communication channel to fulfil those objectives.


So Eugénie opted for Joonbot to build a bot.
In the continuity of her previous work, she made Yuna talk with candidates live!

With Joonbot, Yun Partners reorganized the first steps of the application process to make it fasterat scale while being personalized.


In general, the first elements of the application process consist of submitting an application (CV and contact details) and then doing a pre-qualification interview.
Most of the pre-qualification questions are practical and always the same. It’s particularly true for Yun Partners as they are doing sales recruitment only.
A chatbot can handle these questions easily.
Fastness is due to answer buttons, no need for the candidate to justify anything.
For example, no need for a candidate to explain why he is looking for a job in IT/digital or retail.

In a personal way

With logic jump feature available on Joonbot, Yuna bot personalizes pre-qualification interview.
The conversation is different according to what the applicant answered previously.

At scale

Yuna is always available 24/7 and can pre-qualify many candidates at the same time.

Eugénie wanted a bot that can speak to every visitor, so she created bot scenarios for prospects and services providers.

In particular, she created different scripts to fulfill prospect preferences.
The bot starts by qualifying prospect’s need (e.g. urgency, type of job offer).
If the lead prefers to speak on the phone, the bot takes the contact details directly so that someone from Yun Partners calls him back.
If the prospect prefers to continue with the bot, he can give details about their recruitment needs (e.g. upload the job offer or explain it directly in the conversation).

Finally, Yun also uses their chatbot as a marketing tool.
Yun Partners was looking for a way to differentiate from others and needed a new way to communicate with applicants. With Yuna bot, Yun Partners achieved its goal.

« I was looking for a new way to interact with potential applicants to engage them more, Joonbot was the appropriate solution. »

Eugénie Birolleau Yun Partners


The application process has shortened.
Timing of the first steps of the application process has reduced thanks to the bot pre-qualification.
Pre-qualification is done at scale now 24/7 to several candidates at the same time.
Now, the following call or meeting with the candidate is more focused on getting to know him better, create a connection, no time is wasted anymore on practical questions.

Yun Partners has more spontaneous applications.
The chatbot is a new way to make spontaneous applications. Yun Partners didn’t bet on them until now.

The completion rate of spontaneous applications is excellent, despite the number of questions asked.
Yun Partners has, on average, a completion rate of 40%.

« Thanks to our bot, we get more candidates, my efforts to bring potential candidates on our website are recompensed. The additional work given to HRs is compensated by the fact that, now, pre-qualification is handled by the bot. Everybody is satisfied. »

Eugénie Birolleau Yun Partners

Camille Franceschi
CEO, Joonbot

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