How Alex scales his English e-learning business with daily chat style quizzes

E-learning is evolving. Time to make students engaged, motivated, and active with chat style quizzes. Discover now how Alex did it.

5 MIN READ | December 12, 2021
Atomic english Joonbot case study

In a nutshell

Challenge: Find an engaging and interactive way to give English lessons online.

Solution: Use chatbots to give short and interactive vocabulary lessons every day.

Result: High engagement and scalability of Alex’s English courses!


Alex is an English teacher from London helping people to escape the intermediate trap and reach fluency in English.

He’s been giving group speaking courses in London for more than 10 years to people who want to become more fluent and skilled in English for job interviews, exam preparation, and general English.


Before Covid, Alex was mostly giving English lessons in the “usual” way. By that, I mean face-to-face English courses in small groups.

Then, the pandemic came and he needed to reinvent the way to teach lessons online.

Eighteen months ago, he created Atomic English. Atomic is all about stories. Because stories are what make people connected and what make people remember things. You remember the language because you remember the stories. That’s how our brain works.

Alex wanted his students to connect with each other and to create a community. People have more chances to succeed and stay motivated if they are together. For him, subscribers will stay active if they stay connected online together.

To transcript his version of learning online, he needed the right tools.

« Simply transferring the lessons online didn’t work – some of the magic of the face to face lesson was lost – I needed a way to recreate that magic online.»

Alex Kemp Atomic


Atomic English is based on the idea that doing something tiny for your English every single weekday is the fastest way to get brilliant, fluent English.

What does Atomic English offer?

  • live sessions 10 am – every weekday
  • daily vocabulary quiz
  • daily feedback and corrections on your speaking

All that on a subscription format at £50/month.

For the daily vocabulary quiz, Alex was looking for chat style quiz to provide this piece of learning every day in a fun and interactive way.

Students love chatbots as conversations keep them engaged.

Another reason is chatbots can tell you instantly if your answer is correct or not and explain to you why. Quiz forms cannot do that, they give you a score in the end with the explanations if you are lucky. But it’s too late, you don’t even remember why you gave the wrong answer!

Chatbot user experience makes a total difference compared with forms and other quiz design formats available in the market.

How to create an engaging chat style quiz every day?


Randomize some texts, add some GIFS and emojis and your audience is captivated!

You can try below one of the daily tiny lessons Alex did.

You can also check out our vocabulary quiz template you can download from your Joonbot dashboard.

« Joonbot tuned out to be the perfect e-learning tool – perfect for the “storyfied” lessons that define Atomic.»

Alex Kemp Atomic

Next steps

Alex has today (beginning of December 2021) 30 paying subscribers and plans to reach 100 subscribers by the end of the month.

Covid obliged him to reinvent all his business but for the best. With chat style quizzes, he can scale his business and earn more money!

Alex plans to redo his website and install a Joonbot to explain his offer and make potential subscribers try the product.

Also, at the end of each chatbot, Alex gives a speaking task to his students. Today, students send their recordings to him by Whatsapp. Once we will allow Joonbot users to provide answers by recording or uploading audio/video directly from the conversation, Alex will be able to update his vocabulary chatbots. In the end, everything will go through Joonbot, Alex will not receive videos on Whatsapp anymore.

Alex really appreciates the scaling effect of chatbots as they allow him to save a huge amount of time every day while making more money. In the distant future, he plans to create a platform for all English teachers to be able to provide English lessons as he does actually.

 Camille Franceschi
 CEO, Joonbot

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