Recruitment chatbot case study: Four examples to inspire you

Pre-qualifying candidates can sometimes be very laborious. To help you automate the recruitment process in a personal way, you can create recruitment chatbots with Joonbot!

5 MIN READ | Aug 16, 2021
Recruitment chatbot case study brings insights to future Joonbot users

If you don’t know already how asking the same set of questions to every candidate is a time-consuming activity, you’ve come to the right place! This recruitment chatbot case study is perfect for you. You’ll find in this article a selection of the best recruitment chatbot case studies to get inspired.

Here are four recruitment chatbot case studies that will inspire you:

  1. Yun Partners makes the recruitment process more simple, effective, and fun
  2. Jacques Raud Consulting has more than doubled its number of applications
  3. Degetel improves the way it gets more applications
  4. Galea reinforce his employment brand with a chatbot

1. How Yun Partners makes the recruitment process more simple, effective, and fun

This first recruitment chatbot case study is about Yun Partners, a sales recruitment firm.

Yun Partners were getting more and more applications, so they needed to find a way to automate their recruitment process. The company is doing sales recruitment only, so most of the pre-qualification questions are the same.

Yun Partners was looking for a chatbot solution. With a chatbot, Yun can automate tasks at scale in a human way, which is particularly interesting for the recruitment industry. The company created a real character around their HR chatbot assistant. The chatbot is called Yuna, has an avatar and a personality.

Yuna is handling several tasks of which:

  • Handling the pre-qualification process through the chatbot
  • Sending follow-up emails to candidates
Yuna - the Recruitment chatbot of Yun Partners

As we (Joonbot) were working closely with Yun Partners to build Yuna bot, new ideas came up. We had the idea to make evolve the chatbot so that he could also serve other website visitor’s needs.

Finally, Yuna was also taking prospect’s recruitment requests.

Yuna taking prospective candidates in recruitment process

In the end, the Yuna bot relieves the recruitment team and generates extra leads every month. Check out our dedicated Yun Partners case study to learn more!

2. How Jacques Raud Consulting has more than doubled its number of applications

Jacques Raud Consulting is an IT recruiting firm. JRC wanted to increase the number of applications generated through their website. The company was looking for a more engaging and personal way to interact with potential candidates. The ultimate goal was to increase their conversion rate.

JRC ended up choosing Joonbot for this hyper personalizable conversational interface. The company leveraged the power of emojis and GIFs to make their chatbot highly personal, and the conversion rate followed.

Also, JRC restricted the number of questions asked to maximize the number of applications. So that’s how JRC increased its number of applications by 130% in three months after installation!

JRC Consulting recruitment chatbot getting candidate information

Have a look at our detailed Jacques Raud Consulting case study to learn more!

3. How Degetel improves the way it gets more applications

Degetel is a digital agency with huge recruitment needs.

Most of its website visitors are potential candidates, so Degetel decided to build a chatbot to get applications. To  maximize the number of spontaneous applications, Degetel added a welcome message to his chatbot.

Degetel recruitment chatbot on their website

Also, Degetel chose not to ask pre-qualification questions to limit drop-off rates. The chatbot asks only contact details, CV or Linkedin, and the department the candidate wants to work for.

We took some time to analyze the data, and after some adjustments, Degetel started to have EXCEPTIONAL results.

In a two-week period, the company had:

  • 17.5% engagement rate
  • 7% drop-off rate at the email question level
  • More than 50% conversion rate

What is particularly amazing is that Degetel has reached a conversion rate of more than 50%, whereas the company was asking for a CV! This is the kind of documents that is not ready to be sent most of the time…

This result is way more than the average conversion rate of chatbots, which is around 5-10%.

4. How Galea can ask specific questions with recruitment chatbots

Galea is a consulting firm that is specialized in actuarial science. In this industry, it’s hard to recruit.

The company is working a lot on its advanced content to bring potential candidates to its website. To convince potential candidates to apply, Galea needed to find new ways to improve its employer brand.

We (Joonbot) met Galea at the right moment! The company loved the concept of chatbot and was convinced of its engagement potential. Also, the chatbot allowed to show potential candidates that the company is up to date and always ready to test new things. This is very valuable from an employer brand point of view.

To apply to Galea through the chatbot, you need to answer the usual pre-qualification questions. Galea made it simple by suggesting pre-defined answers to applicants.

Galea recruitment chatbot obtaining prospective candidates' information

But, to test the motivation and personality of candidates, Galea added a very effective open answer question. The question was “What are your expectations?”.

Answers were hilarious sometimes. A candidate answered his salary expectations! 😂

Ready for your next steps?

I hope these four recruitment chatbot case studies gave you valuable insights. You are now ready to use chatbots to improve your recruitment process.

Want to create your own? Hop on to our easy-to-use no-code chatbot builder and start recruiting more efficiently!

 Camille Franceschi
 CEO, Joonbot

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