New Communication Trends in 2021

After the crisis, digital communication has expanded widely. So what's left in 2021? We explain it all to you!

2 MIN READ | September 6, 2021.

The year 2020 has been marked by the health crisis and by the upheaval of the means of communication. If digital already had an important place, it has developed particularly over the last year. In today’s communication trends, digital represents 90% of communication. This figure should only increase in the next few years. So what are the main trends to adopt in 2021 to boost your sales? We will explain everything to you!

Top 5 trends in communication

#1: Short Videos

Microcontent has a predominant place on the internet and especially on social networks. Thus, in 2021, videos will represent more than 90% of internet traffic. TikTok is a good example. The short-video-sharing social network has become the stars of the lockdowns. It has more than 800 million active users and this figure is only growing. Video allows to better capture the attention of users as well as their memorization. Companies are increasingly using this channel to communicate externally but also internally. Thus, video tools such as Kannelle allow you to create content in a few minutes, in a very simplified way.

#2: Podcasts

During the lockdowns, employees wanted to learn and inform themselves in a concrete and entertaining way. As a result, Many podcasts were created. These were often in the form of interviews with experts on various subjects. Thus, companies use podcasts to deliver an informative message to their targets while communicating their values and corporate culture. The listener is thus more engaged and his or her attention span is high. Moreover, anyone can listen to a podcast at any time and it lasts over time. This format is more personal to the companies as they can deliver a message straight to their target audience. This will make the audience feel more engaged with the company.

#3: Chatbots

A chatbot is a conversational tool that allows a company to respond to the needs of its customers in real-time. This is done through a messaging system installed on the website or social networks. They have become indispensable for companies. Indeed, according to a study conducted by Hubspot, 57% of users want the presence of a chatbot when they visit a website. Joonbot, for example, will help you convert your website visitors into customers!

#4: In B2B, LinkedIn carousels

Its multi-page pdf formats, often consisting of short texts, are very popular on LinkedIn. These are often posted by influencers. They allow to highlight the culture and values of a company while delivering a strong message that is listened to by the community.
They are very engaging and allow targets to learn about a topic in a quick and easy way.

#5: SEO

Today, 85% of B2B or B2C purchases are made online. SEO allows companies to be well ranked on the first page of Google based on keywords that are potentially searched by their target. Optimizing your website allows you to acquire many customers, often already very qualified.
So convinced? You just have to adopt these techniques for successful digital communication!
Mathilde Blondel
Marketing and Partnerships Officer at KannelleApp

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