How RunEvent answers instantaneously to 88% of the runner's questions with Joonbot

Sometimes, help centers and live chats are not the right tools. With Joonbot, RunEvent answers 88% of the runner's questions directly on the registration page without runners having to search for it.

1 MIN READ | February 3, 2020

In a nutshell

  • Challenge: How to provide answers automatically to runners’ questions when they register to an event without having them to search for it?
  • Solution: Create a FAQ chatbot available on subscription pages.
  • Result: 88% of questions are answered automatically by Joonbot, meaning runners don’t need to reach out to someone most of the time.


Ben is co-founder of RunEvent, an innovative solution that removes the time-consuming administration of organising a race event.

Among many things, Ben is handling customer support.
He helps runners when they have questions during event registration.

As they started to handle more run events, customer support started to take a large part of Ben’s workday, and he couldn’t focus anymore on growth.

Recurring questions came regularly.
He needed to find a way to expose runners to the answers to those questions in a smart way.


RunEvent serves international events, so using a traditional chat service wasn’t a good fit for them. They were continuously answering the same questions which took them a lot of their time.
For their runners, it was frustrating as they often had to wait a long time to get answers before they could process their registration.

Ben considered building a FAQ, but it would have driven the runners to another page, which he didn’t want. It would also have taken a lot of time updating and adapting the FAQ for each event.

Ben needed a different interface that could be as personal as a chat and as effective and scalable as a help center.


To provide a great registration experience for all their runners, they opted to embed a chatbot widget on each event website to assist runners in their registration process.

« We came across Joonbot and after testing it out it was a great fit for us. It’s very simple to build a bot and embed it in the event website. »

Benjamin Vuitton RunEvent

Joonbot was a perfect fit for all his requirements:

  • quick setup
  • no coding required
  • answers provided directly in the registration pages
  • answers to questions available in no time
  • time-saver


The team has saved a lot of time since they installed chatbots on registration pages and can now focus more on growth.

« Our self-service custom bot answers 88% of the runner’s questions. We also set up an option through a custom field where ‘non-standard’ questions trigger an email to our team for a response. »

Benjamin Vuitton RunEvent

Now, 88% of questions are answered automatically by Joonbot and RunEvent has a Ticket Deflection Ratio of 8:1.
It means that runners are finding answers to their questions without having to reach out to someone most of the time.

Camille Franceschi
CEO, Joonbot

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