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joonbot is a no-code and intuitive chatbot builder

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Improve customer engagement using our no code chatbot builder

Boost engagement

By design, chatbots increase visitor's engagement. Grab people's attention by making your chatbot appear at the right time, the right place with the right message. It's easy to configure with our chatbot maker.

Automate repetitive tasks with our no code chatbot builder.

Automate repetitive tasks

Delegate to your chatbots data collection, qualification, booking appointments and data insertion into your data management tool. Also, make your chatbot answer automatically to recurring user questions. It takes minutes to create such a chatbot with our chatbot maker.

Increase conversion rate with chatbots

Increase leads and sales

Your visitors are all different. Personalize the user journey, using smart routing available in your chatbot maker. So you can focus only on good MQL for an optimized customer acquisition process. Continually improve your conversion rate by conducting AB tests and checking your drop-offs rates.

Qualify leads and boost sales with our no code chatbot builder


Your pricing is fixed whatever the size of your audience.


With our no-code chatbot builder, it's like building a flow chart. No coding is required.

joonbot is a no code chatbot builder for websites


Download one of our pre-built templates within your chatbot builder.


You only need to master the art of copying and pasting.

With Joonbot, it's easy to install a chatbot on any kind of CMS


Connect Joonbot to your favorite apps using Zapier, our webhooks or our native integrations like Google Sheets.

chatbot integrations with Calendly, Zapier, inetgromat, Google Sheets, Airtable, our Webhook, Slack and our native email integrations.


Send your conversions on Google/Facebook Ads and track user behaviours on Segment, Google Sheets or Google Analytics.

Track performance with Google Tag Manager, Segment, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Google Analytics, our native conversion tracker, by importing your data CSV into Google Sheets an get your leads into Unbounce


Create rules based traffic origin or behaviour within our chatbot maker to target your audience the right way.

Use our targeting features like website behaviour, traffic source and geographic market segmentation.

Many ways to use Joonbot

One product, multiple use cases.

Generate leads

Use our widget format and our welcome message to proactively engage with visitors and generate leads.

Qualify & score leads

Use our conversational design to qualify leads. With simple rules you can easily score your leads or candidates.
Run interactive quizzes and surveys

Run quizzes & surveys

If you need to make your audience learn a few things or collect info in a funny and interactive way, you are at the right place.
Recommend products and services filters can't

Recommend products

Online filters don’t fit everybody. Recommend products or services in another way to get your entire audience satisfied.
Answer FAQs to convince your leads

Answer FAQs

Your audience always asks you the same questions? Create a FAQ chatbot, save time and get your future buyers satisfied.

Guide & nurture

Giving information your audience needs proactively in your website or landing is key for them to take a step further.

Get inspired

By our super customers


Ahooga Bike is a client of Joonbot

Hybrid bike company

Ahooga bike wanted to improve the user experience by responding quickly to user questions and requests. Through their chatbot, their users can: find out more about the warranty and delivery, book a discovery call with Calendly, find the nearest shop, book a test ride, get recommendations, etc.

jamie stylist chatbot


Jamie & I is an ecommerce store and client of Joonbot

Clothing company

Jamie is a virtual shopping assistant. Through their style game chatbot, Jamie learns about the user’s personal style while regularly sending them a curated selection of outfits tailored to their taste.

E-commerce Joonbot testimonial

โ€œJoonbot chatbot builder is so intuitive! I have been building all weekend. ๐Ÿ˜€ I really love it! I chose it because of the intuitive design / builder UI and the option to include images and gifs and logic ๐Ÿ™‚โ€

Jamie stylist chatbot


Limio is a saas business and client of Joonbot

Subscription commerce platform

Limio wanted to increase their conversion rate. With Joonbot, Limio has increased his number of leads with a lead magnet widget on their home page.

โ€œIt was very quick and intuitive to configure. It's nice to receive some extra leads, especially from leads that might be on the face and need a bit of an extra push to engage with us.โ€

limio chatbot

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They loved building a chatbot for website

โ€œJoonbot chatbot builder is so intuitive! I have been building all weekend. ๐Ÿ˜€ I really love it! Joonbot was my first choice because of the intuitive design / builder UI and the option to include images and gifs and logic ๐Ÿ™‚ โ€


E-commerce Joonbot testimonial

โ€œJoonbot is quite unique in its category and the UX/UI of its workflow builder is so intuitive. Anyone should at list try it out to understand how powerful it is.โ€


No-code digital agency Joonbot testimonial

โ€œThe best app is the one you’ll actually be able to use. Relative ease of use for a complex task. There is no comparison between Joonbot and ManyChat. ManyChat has HOURS of tutorials.โ€


recruitment firm Joonbot testimonial

โ€œAmazing product! I love the interface for building chatbots, easiest I have seen by far! Planning to create many more, very much looking forward to what Joonbot adds in the future!โ€


Digital chatbot agency Joonbot testimonial

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