Seven dos and don’ts in chatbot design

Learn seven dos and don’ts in chatbot design to provide the best user experience.

2 MIN READ | September 11, 2020
Seven dos and don’ts in chatbot design

Designing chatbots is confusing.

It has nothing to see with the way you write on website’s pages. It’s about reproducing a real conversation as humans could have.

In this article, I will share with you seven dos and don’ts in chatbot design to provide the best user experience.

👍 Make your chatbot design conversational


In chatbot design, you don't suggest answers like orders


In chatbot design, you suggest answers like humans

👍 Do use greetings and endings

In chatbot design, you add greetings and endings

👍 Do keep it short and sweet

You are writing a conversation, not an article.

If users wanted to read long explanations and description, they would visit your help center or blog.

So, when writing things down, think about how will the text look like when the user receives it.

If you must share some information, do the same thing a person would do in a chat, break it down into multiple bubbles.

Also, use buttons block or share a link to give users the choice to have more information on a specific subject.

In chatbot design you need to keep sentences short

👍 Do use emojis, GIFs, images and videos in chatbot design

When you message people, sometimes you add emojis to illustrate your feelings.
You can do the same with a bot.

With videos, you can go further as someone of your team can record himself and put his video in the conversation to make it more personal.

Our video recording feature is coming soon, you’ll be able to create real conversations with it!

👍 Do allow for corrections

Be clear and specific about what you expect as answer; placeholders are helpful for that.

It’s even better if you allow your users to make some corrections.

In chatbot design, it's better to allow users for correction

👎 Don't teach commands or give instructions


“If you want to see more options, click/type – more options – ?”

“Select one of the options below or click to see more options.”


“Would you like to see more options?”

👎 Don’t step out of character

Be consistent with writing habits and with the personality of your bot.


Happy building! 👋

Camille Franceschi
CEO, Joonbot

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