The best free WordPress chatbot plugins for your websites

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5 MIN READ | November 18, 2021
Best free WordPress chatbot plugins for your website

Before getting to the list of best WordPress chatbot plugins for free, let us answer some questions.

What is a chatbot

A chatbot is a tool that you can use in your businesses to automate various tasks.
You can use a chatbot to automate a bulk of your daily activities including lead generation and pre-qualification, customer support, & visitor navigation through your website. Chatbots do this by asking the right questions & providing information to people in need. They also handle many customers at the same time in concert, with exceptional quality of service.
Chatbots allow you to save huge resources by automating repetitive tasks – Use them elsewhere to improve your business.
You can use chatbots in various forms like adding a widget format, embedding your chatbot within your page or use the dedicated full-page format to share your chatbot elsewhere. You can install the first two formats in content management systems like WordPress. These CMSs allow you to incorporate chatbots when the chatbot provider has created a dedicated plugin.

Why do you need a chatbot

Before starting with a chatbot, you first need to know why you need a chatbot for your business. Chatbots have various features that you can take advantage of to grow your business. In short, a well-designed chatbot increases conversion rates, retention rates, and increase productivity.

Also, chatbots reduce business running costs too. To know more, our chatbot best practices article will help you leverage the power of chatbots.

A chatbot processing and replying to customers' inputs.

What are the advantages of having a chatbot

Among various advantages, chatbots increase the productivity of businesses by improving various key performance indicators. These KPIs measure the success of a business.
Automating repetitive tasks saves time for the operational staff who can, in fine, focus on tasks with higher added value.
Some of the automatable tasks are:
  • Pre-qualify and score leads: Chatbots can help you to filter and rank leads by itself. With that, you can approach the right customers to grow your business.
  • Improve lead generation and conversion rates: You can use chatbots to convert visitors into customers. Also, you can generate tangible leads by obtaining appropriate data upfront.
  • Answer automatically to questions: You can build a dedicated FAQ conversational path that automates 80% of customer queries. By doing that, you will save 30% of your company spending.

Also, chatbots cater the business for the next generation. Over 92% of millennials prefer to get offers from chatbots. This increases and improves customer experience for customers of every age.

To sum up, the various KPIs that you can improve with implementing a chatbot is as follows:

Various use cases and KPIs that a chatbot can help improve.

Can I add a chatbot to my WordPress website

A chatbot is yet another tool that you can add to your WordPress website. As a digital tool, there are various ways for you to install a chatbot on your WordPress website.

You can add a chatbot by using a dedicated WordPress plugin, or by adding a code component into a web page. To do it, there are various WordPress chatbot plugins available on the plugin store. These plugins allow you to add chatbots to your website.

Drag and drop builders like Elementor or Divi on WordPress allow you to add the code component of the chatbot into any part of the web page. With that, you can embed your chatbot on your WordPress website if the chatbot provider you are using allows it.

WordPress Chatbots handling various customer queries at once.

Here, we’re comparing the products based on their features, integrations, and other quirks that can be useful for your decision-making process.

Joonbot is a no-code, intuitive chatbot builder. It allows you to construct your chatbot by dragging and dropping various elements. With Joonbot, all it takes are a few minutes for you to build your chatbot and install it on your website. Besides, it is a rule-based chatbot builder that makes your task simple and easy.

Before starting with your chatbot building, you need to know the why’s and how’s to build your Joonbot. If you want, you can build your Joonbot from scratch. But you can also take advantage of the 40+ templates available for you!

All right, you might think I am a biased reviewer. Instead, I am not talking about Joonbot myself. I’ll quote one of our client’s testimonials here.

« Joonbot chatbot builder is so intuitive! I have been building all weekend. 😀 I really love it! Joonbot was my first choice because of the intuitive design/builder UI and the option to include images and gifs and logic 🙂»

Joonbot has various formats to install your chatbot. You can add it as a widget or embed it on a webpage, or have it as a full-page chatbot.

Installing Joonbot on your website is easy and seamless. It takes only a few minutes.

Besides, we provide personalized and on-point customer support to give advanced solutions for every use case. Joonbot is very useful for lead generation, qualification, and scoring. So it is a real asset for sales and recruitment teams.

Joonbot WordPress chatbot plugin product tour page.


  • Unlimited conversations, chatbots, blocks and websites.
  • Multiple formats: widget, embed and full-page.
  • 40+ free pre-built templates to start at any instant for various use cases.
  • Hidden fields, logic jump and calculation blocks.
  • Email, Zapier, Calendly, Google Sheets, Webhooks, and Unbounce integrations.


Joonbot WordPress chatbot plugin pricing

From the creators of Ruby receptionists and live chats, comes a chatbot feature under the name Artibot. Artibot surely benefits from the relationship with Ruby as it provides both chatbot and live chat features. Also, it allows you to build your own chatbot. Besides, Artibot provides help from their experts whenever needed too. Compared to the others in the list of WordPress chatbot plugins, Artibot has a cheaper pro plan, albeit with reduced features.

Artibot WordPress chatbot plugin home page


  • Payment processing without commissions.
  • Unlimited chatbots in the free plan.
  • Has AI integrations.
  • Text messaging from chatbot to customers.


The pricing of Artibot

Started as a live chat service provider, has chatbot features now that businesses can integrate as their WordPress chatbot plugin for free. grew in this field and became one of the compelling options available for the businesses amongst the big leagues of chatbots. That’s why it made the cut in this list. WordPress chatbot plugin home page


  • No code chatbot builder.
  • Integration for live chats too.
  • Integrate with over 1,500 apps for workflow.


The pricing of

If you are looking for a chatbot for service businesses, the WordPress chatbot plugin is a good option. With, you can choose a template to allow website visitors to set up appointments by providing them with a calendar. Moreover, WordPress chatbot plugin has various features for businesses to take advantage of. WordPress chatbot plugin homepage.


  • Intuitive chatbot builder with rich customization options.
  • 50+ chatbot templates for various purposes (FAQs, lead generation, appointments, etc.)
  • Reports with chatbot engagement and visitors’ answers.


The pricing of

5. Tidio:

Tidio is the first AI chatbot on this list. Its WordPress chatbot plugin is preferred by clients who might use the advantage of having artificial intelligence in their customer support workflow. Also, it has live chat support, for which the businesses might need to employ full-time employees to operate that. In addition to that, the availability of free Android and iOS mobile applications make the workflow dynamic for those who need that flexibility.

Tidio WordPress chatbot plugin homepage.


  • Fast and easy-to-integrate WordPress chatbot.
  • Simple chatbot creator software to create industry-specific chatbots.
  • Free, simple chatbot templates for lead generation and customer support.
  • Mobile app for Android and iOS that notifies about visitors and conversation requests.


The pricing of Tidio


Chatbots are very meaningful and powerful tools to develop businesses. If you use a WordPress website, these are our top picks of WordPress chatbot plugins that you can use for your websites.

  • Joonbot
  • Artibot
  • Tidio


Each one has its own specialty or focus. You can find the one that is suitable for your very specific needs.

 Vignesh Ram
 Marketing Assistant, Joonbot

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