Using chatbots for lead generation: three examples to guide you

Ready for lead generation automation to boost your number of leads? Discover three examples of using chatbots for lead generation.

3 MIN READ | August 11, 2021
Using chatbots for lead generation

So you are excited about using chatbots for lead generation and keen to get started. Great news! But sometimes, the hardest part is starting with a blank page.

Ready to take the shortcut?​ We’ve collected three examples of using chatbots for lead generation here which will help you get started faster for:

  1. Using chatbots for lead generation
  2. Removing pricing frictions
  3. Collecting newsletter emails

1. Using chatbots for lead generation

The well-handled in-store experience is great.
When you enter, people greet you. Then, a salesperson asks the proper question like ‘Are you looking for something specific?’ and then gives you the information you need.

He asks a question about your needs and then suggests some actions.
The salesperson doesn’t start with ‘Try this awesome T-shirt’ because it’s not the time for that! He doesn’t know your goal as you have just entered the shop.

The same applies when visitors land on your home page.
You have to try to reproduce the in-store experience on your website by using chatbots for lead generation.

What can the 'Lead generator' template do?

If you had to look at one example of using chatbots for lead generation, it would be this one.
Installed on your home page (and on other pages if you want), this chatbot greets and guides visitors following their intentions when coming to your website.

Are chatbots good to attract leads?

Using this chatbot for lead generation, you will make visitors advance in the sales & marketing funnel wherever they are in their buying process.

How to build conversations

First, you need to think about the highest intent pages on your website where you want to lead your visitors:

  • Book a demo/appointment?
  • Contact us?
  • Services inquiry?

To bring them where you want, you have to start by asking questions to get to know who they are, what their intentions are, and where they are in the buying process.

Whatever the answers you get, you should suggest appropriate actions like booking an appointment, get access to specific content, etc. Even if the visitor is just browsing, you can suggest him some content. It doesn’t mean he won’t be a qualified lead later.

You can also suggest other appropriate actions according to previous ones. The visitor said yes to the article you suggested? Suggest that he subscribes to your newsletter!

2. Removing pricing frictions

You probably have the highest-intent visitors on the pricing page. This is the moment to get proactive by using chatbots for lead generation.

It can be tough to explain your pricing plans without confusing visitors. If they don’t understand your offer, they will never choose your company.

What can the 'Pricing friction remover' template do?

This chatbot is about pricing only as the visitor is looking for information about your pricing at that time.

The chatbot can present pricing from another perspective.
Indeed, it can give info about pricing more simply and quickly, detail some features further. It can also suggest setting up an appointment with a salesperson when it is worth it.

Are chatbots for lead generation effective?

The goal is to convince visitors to buy your service/product. Put all the odds on your side on pages with highest-intent visitors to trigger a purchase or an upgrade.

How to build conversations

If your business model doesn’t require talking to a salesperson to trigger a purchase, using chatbots for lead generation can be handy to boost your conversion rate.
You can use other ways to present your pricing with a chatbot and then convince better.

Pricing plans are presented as a list of features most of the time.
Put yourself in the shoes of the visitor. Do you want to read the feature list of each of your plans? I don’t think so 😊.
What the visitor wants is someone telling him the differences between the pricing plans and which is the best one for him.

Start by presenting more simply and quickly your plans. Then, explain the differences between the pricing plans.

You can also abord the subject of pricing in a completely different way. What you can do is using chatbots for lead generation to work for the visitor and decide what’s the best plan for him.
Ask the visitor what problem he is looking to solve, what features are necessary for him, etc., and then suggest the perfect plan.

If you are a company that needs a 1:1 conversation to sell, go straight to the point.
It means qualifying the visitor for an appointment. Make good leads skip the line.

If you are in both cases, qualify the visitor. If the lead fits your high-level persona, you can suggest a meeting/call.
Otherwise, after explaining your pricing, you can suggest the visitor have a look at a video demo, register for a webinar, or sign up for a free trial.

Your customers also visit pricing pages. Don’t forget about them when using chatbots for lead generation: maybe they want to upgrade!

3. Collecting newsletter emails

Having a ‘subscribe to our newsletter’ popup appearing in the middle of your screen while you are reading an article is annoying, right?
But it works (in a sense)! People who put this kind of popup on their website get more newsletter subscribers (not talking about quality here).

Is there a way to get better results without annoying your readers?

YES! There is Joonbot for that, by using chatbots for lead generation!

What can the 'newsletter email collector' do?

This example of using chatbots for lead generation suggests appropriate content and offers to subscribe to the newsletter on your blog pages.

What is the purpose of a newsletter?

The goal is to grow your email list using a more personal and contextual approach.

How to build conversations

You can hook the visitor by asking him if he wants to read more articles in the specific category of the content he is reading.

Then, you can describe what kind of content you provide and other useful info before asking for the email.

Give more to get more! You can also start by offering for free, directly through the chatbot, one of your favorite guides, and then ask the visitor to subscribe.

Using chatbots for lead generation will boost your sales

There you have it: 3 chatbot examples to get more leads, at scale.

You got the ideas. Now, you need the tool.
At Joonbot, we made a super user-friendly chatbot builder for marketers to create a bot easily and quickly. No coding is required.

Ready to try Joonbot?

Camille Franceschi
CEO, Joonbot

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Using chatbots for lead generation will boost your sales

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