Job application chatbot template

Replace your job application form with a job application chatbot template.

Why using a job application chatbot?

When you want to hire someone, you need to create a job application. It is an opportunity for you to collect information about potential employees.

A job application is also an opportunity for the applicants. It allows them to write more about their experiences and add qualities they could not put on their CV.

Using our job application template is a time saver. It enables you to conduct pre-qualification automatically. Chatbots can handle questions like: ‘When are you available for the job?’ or ‘What contract are you looking for?’ so you don’t need to ask them later.

Also, you can ask questions with already-made answers that will allow you to evaluate and compare applications easily. Assessing the candidates only on their resumes and questions with open answers is time-consuming.

So, with a job application form like ours, you can skip your first pre-qualification call!

How to make a job application chatbot engaging?

With conversational design, our job application template will increase the engagement rate by default.

Personalization is king. You can also design your chatbot to fit your brand identity to increase the applicants’ interest.

To keep your applicants in the conversation, you can design personalized messages. You can reuse applicants’ first names in chatbot answers and make your job application chatbot react according to the user’s previous response.

Don’t ask too many questions. The more questions you ask, the more likely the applicant is to give up.

Applicants may not have time to answer a lengthy job application. They may have other job applications to fill out.

It should take less than 5 minutes to fill out your job application form. To do that, you should ask simple questions so that the answers given can be concise.

With Joonbot, you can go further than with a traditional job application form.

For example, you can ask for applicants’ videos. It will be more engaging because the applicants will have to think of a creative way to impress you.

What are the questions to ask in a job application chatbot?

In an employment application form template, you begin with the factual questions. These questions are essential to get your applicants’ contact and standard information. Standard information is about educational background and previous experiences.

You can also ask practical questions. For example, you can ask questions like:

  • When are you available for the job?
  • What contract are you looking for?

As said earlier, it is better to make a short job application chatbot. But you should also create open questions that require more than ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ as an answer. For example, you can ask the applicants to present themselves through a video they can upload.

You can go further with questions like:

  • What were your impressions while working in your previous companies?
  • Why do you want to change to another job?
  • What’s your most significant achievement?

You can even ask them to give examples of difficult situations they managed to handle. You will learn how they reacted and also how they describe the situations.

You’ll learn more about their mindset with those kinds of questions.

What can I do with the applications I get?

Once an exchange between a job application chatbot and a user finishes, you can see the dialogue detail. You have to go to the Analytics tab and click on Conversations.

Notify yourself in real-time using our native integration. For that, you can use our native email integration.

Using our webhooks, you can notify yourself automatically every time you get a new application on Slack, for example.

Process applications more easily. For that, you can use our native ‘Google Sheets’ integration. Every time an application is complete, you can send it in your dedicated Google Sheets Application Tracking System by creating a new row.

You can also use our ‘Zapier’ integration to send applications to the ATS of your choice. There are many ATS such as Greenhouse, Breezy HR, or Bamboo HR.

It will be easier for you, no need to transcript the data by hand by using one of our integrations.

You’ll be more organized among all the applications you receive!

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